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Mashpee Commons launches new Gift Card program

Mashpee Commons has introduced a new Gift Card which can be used at over 70 merchants at the Cape Cod shopping destination, including retail, dining, entertainment and services.

The new Mashpee Commons Gift Card replaces the existing Mashpee Commons Gift Card. Customers will be able to exchange their old Gift Card for a new one either by mail or in-person at the Mashpee Commons Management Office during regular businesses hours (Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM).

Krysten Kelliher, Marketing Director at Mashpee Commons said the time was right to upgrade to a new Gift Card system:

“We’re thrilled to be launching the new Mashpee Commons Gift Card. It still has the same name but it’s a much more modern system. As well as a new look to the front of the Gift Card, the system is easier for our merchants and much easier for our customers too.”

Krysten continued: “The Gift Card program we were using was very dated. Merchants needed special terminals to accept the cards, seasonal staff may not have known how to accept them, and some of our national brands couldn’t accept them as payment. Our new Mashpee Commons Gift Card gets rid of all those issues. It can be spent like a debit card with the balance automatically updated, and merchants receiving payment quickly.”

“The pandemic has been challenging for all businesses,” Krysten added. “Implementing the new modernized Mashpee Commons Gift Card program will enable additional businesses to participate, meaning even more places to spend the Gift Card.”

The Mashpee Commons Gift Card is part of the Downtown Gift Card concept from payments provider Miconex in association with payments technology solutions provider EML Payments.  Downtown Gift Card systems run across the US, in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Michigan and Virginia, as well as across Canada, the UK and Ireland.