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About us

Miconex Inc works with organizations across the United States of America to provide them with our Visa backed Downtown Gift Card programs, enabling them to support their local economies. Taking tried and tested, secure technology, Miconex provides a fully supported service for Downtowns, Chambers and Malls. Thisincludes payment, redemption and fulfilment, so organizations can get on with doing what they do best- supporting their merchants and local communities.

Whether you want to revitalize your Downtown or Chamber area with a local currency, arrange a disbursement of funds into the community or make the switch from a paper gift voucher scheme to a high technology alternative, Miconex Inc is ready to help.

Established in 2010 in the UK, with Miconex Inc founded in 2020, Miconex is the market leader in the local Gift Card for places sector. Working alongside our partners EML Payments, we’re utilizing our infrastructure and operational expertise as the market leader, with EML Payments’ experience of mall and Downtown gift card programs, so we can provide the solutions that your organizations need today.

With Miconex, data driven, customer-centric physical and digital Gift Card solutions that support local are within reach.